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Historical Snapshot

Here is a screen capture of Sharpwriter as it looked around 2006. Missing are the sidebar links, including to our extensive review section featuring a hundred or more self-published e-book novels. At some point, I created the Archive button to replace the older sidebar links.

One of our authors grabbed the review content and put it on a dedicated website (here but by 2016 it looks pretty dilapidated. If I can find the reviews, I will post them again.

How did that date get on this screenshot? Take a look at my old Clocktower Books (CTB) museum pages (on the CTB site directly) [here] and you can see actual HTML with embedded date script. Note: those links don't point to what the words say, but to other museum info on the CTB site.

Like so much we all did online in the early days, this was innovative in its time—for what it's worth. For example, the Google search application was a later addition. For a long time, I used a metasearch engine called Dogpile (really!) that searched other search engines (Infoseek, etc.).

screen capture of December 1998 image at the Wayback MachineThe Internet is ephemeral, and it's amazing that anything survives, but some stuff does. Billions of servers around the world are linked in many ways, and are not always designed to erase, but to overwrite, so shadow images of long ago stuff may remain, often in fragments. At left, for example, is a logo I just captured from a December 1998 image of at the Wayback Machine. I'll post further relics when and if I find them. I remember in 1998 creating the logo by photographing objects (pencil, shavings, sharpener) on my desk.

My purpose in relaunching this site is not to dwell in the past, but to move forward with exciting new content.


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